The Facts

If, at any time during the first 12 months under contact with YellowFolder, you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason, YellowFolder will refund the district's money, return the district's records, and void contract.

  • At YellowFolder, we understand schools may have some concerns with converting their records. We also know from experience that many of our existing school customers who initially shared these concerns now fully trust YellowFolder as their document management partner. So it is with confidence that we want to extend this guarantee to you.

If the district invokes this guarantee

  • Money Back Guarantee

    YellowFolder will immediately and fully refund all set-up, implementation, training and online access fees paid during the first 12 months of service by YellowFolder. YellowFolder will not refund any fees paid to convert existing records to digital format. However, we will provide the district with the digitized records, the meta-data associated with these digital records, and (if requested) the original paper records.

  • Records Back Guarantee

    YellowFolder will immediately return all records uploaded to the YellowFolder system by the district during the first 12 months of service. At your option, we will provide:

    - A digital copy of each such record (with all associated meta-data), or

    - A paper copy of each such record, printed, indexed, and delivered to the district

  • Contract Termination

    YellowFolder will immediately terminate the contract signed by YellowFolder and the district. You will have no further obligations to YellowFolder.

The combination of these guarantees will allow the district to return its records to the condition they were before engaging YellowFolder.