The YellowFolder system will provide a number of benefits to you,
in your duties as IT Director of your school system.

Cloud-Based, SaaS Model

You understand, better than anyone at your school, the hidden costs of software administration. The YellowFolder system is completely browser and cloud-based. All files are stored, in duplicate, in the cloud. There are no servers to purchase, no databases to maintain, no password systems to administer, no difficult system interfaces. YellowFolder handles it all.

Umbrella System

YellowFolder serves as an electronic file cabinet for the entire school system. The district can store all of its records on YellowFolder, and authorized staff members can access records across all of YellowFolder's modules.

The umbrella concept applies regardless of all of the different information systems used by the departments of your district. YellowFolder consolidates documents from these systems, creating a district-wide, uniform file cabinet.

for you.
for you.

World-Class Security

You are responsible for the security of your network and you take this responsibility seriously. At YellowFolder we take security just as seriously as you do – security is our highest priority.


Learn more about our world class redundant and secure cloud storage system. You focus on educating, we focus on making your data secure and accessible.

The safety of storing student records in the cloud.

Automated System Administration


YellowFolder only asks one thing from your IT Department. We ask for you to provide us with a repetitive download of data (.csv file) from your HR information system and your student information systems (if applicable). Why we need a .csv


With this data, the YellowFolder system will automatically maintain student records, SPED records, and personnel files for each respective student, and will automatically authorize and de-authorize access to the system.


Your staff doesn't have any ongoing administrative responsibilities.


Finally, YellowFolder works only with K-12 schools, and we are trustworthy with your most important records. We won't let you down or leave you exposed to second guessing by board members, Superintendents or members of the community.