• Kevin Parke,
    Chief Executive Officer

    Digital Commander. Strategy Superintendent. 
    Serial Entrepreneur. Cinderella Story.

  • Chris Dyess,
    Executive V.P. of
    Sales and Marketing

    Executive Cheerleader. Captain of Team ABC.
    Sales Ninja. Wheeler-Dealer.
    Officer of Opportunities.

  • Ryan Bell,
    Chief Technology Officer

    Web Master. SaaStar. Bug Squasher. 
    Forever Buffering…

  • Tessa Tyler,
    Chief Education Officer
    and V.P. of School Relationships

    Multi-Tasker. Requires Coffee. Problem Solver. 
    Customer Champion. Veteran Educator (of 27 years).

  • Jhenelle Smith,
    Senior Accountant & HR

    Accountatholic. Ledger Lover. Queen of Compliance. 
    Jamaica Womon.

  • Tom Kelchner,
    V.P. of Business Development

    The Doctor is in. Principal of partnerships. Relationship Matchmaker.