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Think of YellowFolder as an intelligent, electronic file cabinet for your school system. We can pick up your existing paper records and scan them onto the YellowFolder on-line system. We can also transfer your digital documents from your student information system and create a consistent file structure, manage access, automatically matriculate records and ensure compliance with state and federal retention rules. Most importantly we make it lightning quick to properly file and retrieve your files.

Student Records

Manage active and archive student records more efficiently, while linking to virtually every Student Information System; allowing active student records to move to the cloud quickly and easily.

Special Education

A solution for Special Education built around its unique record management requirements. Our solution is both HIPPA and FERPA compliant.

Human Resources

A district-wide record management solution for personnel records in your Human Resource department. Securely store, retrieve and send documents instantly.

Admin Records

Organize administrative records based on the district’s needs: board minutes, cafeteria menus, AP records and more.


One Location

  • The only complete, one-source platform for all of your district records.
  • Your district-wide, electronic file cabinet in the cloud.

Safety & Security

  • On-line records cannot be lost, stolen or unintentionally destroyed.
  • System access is controlled centrally by the district and is fully compliant with State Library & Archive Commission, FERPA and HIPAA.


  • Have speedy access to records anytime, from anywhere with an internet-enabled device.
  • Links directly with Skyward, Pearson, and dozens of other systems eliminating the need to print to paper.

Cost Effective

  • Improve staff efficiency, reclaim real estate currently used for file storage and reduce office supply costs.
  • One monthly fee for unlimited access.
  • No hardware, software, user licenses or technical support required.
  • Money back – Records back guarantee within 12 months of purchase

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Want to see the savings for your district? Let us prepare a personalized quote just for you based on the specific needs of your school district.

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Our Solution Advisors can demonstrate how the YellowFolder system works and can make special education record management easier. This 20-minute web-based workshop is designed to give you an overview of our products and answer any questions you may have.

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