Physical Record Conversion

YellowFolder can also assist with converting your school's existing records into digital format. Our world-class conversion facility in Dallas, Texas is capable of handling the largest jobs quickly, inexpensively, accurately, and securely.

Conversion Timing

Many school systems initially desire to scan and convert their existing records immediately. We often hear, “The first thing we want is to get rid of all this paper.”


YellowFolder encourages a different approach.


Think of your paper problem like a leaky roof. If you don't patch the hole in the roof, emptying the bucket used to catch the water does little good. It will simply fill again. If your school doesn't learn to go paperless, your paper records will build right back up. YellowFolder encourages school systems to utilize the online system immediately for all new (or "Day Forward") records and convert them - once and for all. You can transition those existing file rooms to staff lounges, work spaces, etc.


Box-Level Conversion

YellowFolder converts existing records for storage on the YellowFolder System using box-level conversion. YellowFolder will scan, convert and upload an entire box of existing, hard-copy records as one pdf file, placing the entire contents in a dedicated folder of archived records. These records can be searched using a "google search" of the contents.

All-In-One Pricing

YellowFolder charges one low price for each box of converted administrative records. YellowFolder includes all the following services for each box:

  • Temporary Retrieval Services of hard copy records (until digitized and uploaded);
  • Scanning, Coding, Indexing, & Uploading the digitized copies onto the YellowFolder system;
  • Temporary Storage of the hard copy records for 3 months following digitization;
  • Destruction of the hard copy records or return of the boxes to your campus (your option)
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