YellowFolder assigns a dedicated Paperless Nation Engineer to each school system utilizing its services. All Paperless Nation Engineers are former school administrators who are experts in helping you move to a paperless recordkeeping system. The Paperless Nation Engineers assist in the following:

System Implementation:


The "Next Steps" involved in YellowFolder implementation

The Paperless Nation Engineers are available to your district to help you customize your school system’s folder structure, and will assist in integrating YellowFolder with your existing records information system for access control.  


Paperless Processes & Training:

Your Paperless Nation Engineer will digitally spend time with your district during your first year with YellowFolder, implementing paperless processes and training your staff to use the YellowFolder system.
  • Your Paperless Nation Engineer will help you develop processes and procedures to help your school system move away from paper-based records. These include transferring forms to electronic format, changing printing habits, and implementing other best practices learned from hundreds of other implementations around the country.

  • Your Paperless Nation Engineer will also train your staff on the YellowFolder system. For some staffers, YellowFolder is simple, and training only takes 30 minutes. For others, old habits are hard to break. YellowFolder will hold hands, provide comforting words, and sit with administrators one-on-one – whatever it takes to demonstrate the benefits of YellowFolder. 

  • Additionally, you can sign-up for weekly training webinars that are flexible to your schedule. To see which training sessions are available, visit our training registration page.


User Groups & Advisory Panels:

Each Paperless Nation Engineer also hosts a web-based user group on a quarterly basis to provide updates on software development, paperless processes and practices, and to seek input from school users on new features.


School Support:

Your staff will also have unlimited access to YellowFolder’s school support hotline and web-based help tools. Computer systems can be frustrating. Help from YellowFolder is always just a click or call away.


Paperless Nation Engineers

  • Candice Earnest,
    Paperless Nation Engineer

    14 Years in the Education Industry.. 

    Fun Fact: Won Miss Congeniality at the Flaming Foliage Festival as a senior in high school.

  • Claudia Mullins,
    Paperless Nation Engineer

    23 Years in the Education Industry.

    Fun Fact: Turned down a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader offer in 1976.

  • Gina G. Lunsford,
    Paperless Nation Engineer

    23 Years in the Education Industry.

    Fun Fact: Sang in the SuperDome in New Orleans.

  • Jason Addams,
    Paperless Nation Engineer

    6 Years in the Education Industry.

    Fun Fact: Sailed on a research vessel for a month,
    studying the water column above hydrothermal vents.

  • Kelly Oglesby,
    Paperless Nation Engineer

    23 Years in the Education Industry.

    Fun Fact: Worked as the Easter bunny in high school to earn extra money.