The YellowFolder system will provide a number of benefits to you,
  in your duties as Principal of your school.

Umbrella System

YellowFolder serves as an electronic file cabinet for the entire school system. Your school can store all of its records on YellowFolder, and authorized staff members can access records across all of YellowFolder's modules.

for you.
for you.

Staff Productivity

Your staff spends a huge amount of time filing and maintaining your records. YellowFolder reduces the time spent on filing and searching for paperwork by 90%. This leads to a happier, more productive staff that can spend more of their valuable time educating and caring for your students.


Reduce time spent on filing and searching for paperwork by 90%

  • Automate the management of your student files: YellowFolder will interface directly with your existing digital student information system to create a centralized (and standardized) cumulative file for every student. This saves your staff from the tedious process of records administration.

    • YellowFolder uses this data to automatically matriculate your students from grade-to-grade, campus-to-campus, all without any time or attention from your staff.

    • You tell the YellowFolder system who should see what student and which record, and the system will automatically manage access to the file.

    • YellowFolder also maintains up-to-date retention guidelines for your state. The system tracks every document (and every student's progress) and lets your staff know when records are eligible for destruction.

  • File documents with one-click: YellowFolder uses smart technology to automatically place new documents in the correct location - no manual filing or typing in meta - data.

  • Search for student records via multiple techniques: Use Google-style searches to search the content of documents, search by metadata, or use a student or campus directory to locate any student folder or any document, in seconds.


Multiple search techniques

Space (and money)

One of the biggest challenges for student records is simply finding a place for all the file cabinets to house them. It may be obvious, but with YellowFolder, those file cabinets go away. We are the file cabinet - a

digital file cabinet, accessible (with the appropriate credentials) over any Internet-enabled device. You can reclaim the space - and cost - associated with your filing room, and repurpose it for better uses.


YellowFolder works only with K-12 schools, and we are trustworthy with your most important records. We won't let you down or leave you exposed to second guessing by Superintendents or members of the community.

Protecting Records

The safety of storing financial and administrative records in the cloud

You are responsible for the financial records of the school system. YellowFolder takes this responsibility very seriously.

Learn more about our world class redundant and secure cloud storage system.