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Education Document Management Solution for Student Records.

YellowFolder’s digital document management system is an electronic file cabinet and a revolutionary replacement for traditional student record management practices. We have developed the only cloud-based storage solution that is built around the unique needs of K-12 school districts, allowing you to securely manage your student records and integrate with your existing Student Information Systems (SIS).

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Digital Student Record Management

How many boxes of records are stored across your district? At YellowFolder, we know that countless school districts across the country struggle with storing archived records and the time spent on record retrieval. When you digitize your student records, you will reclaim space once used for storage and be able to retrieve documents instantly from any internet-enabled device. Unlike traditional record management practices, cloud-based stored documents cannot be lost, stolen or unintentionally destroyed.

Imagine repurposing space, saving on paper costs, and improving staff efficiency with one solution… YellowFolder.

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