The YellowFolder system will provide a number of benefits to you,
in your duties as Superintendent of your school system.

Umbrella System

YellowFolder serves as an electronic file cabinet for the entire school system. The district can store all of its records on YellowFolder, and authorized staff members can access records across all of YellowFolder's modules.

The umbrella concept applies regardless of all of the different information systems used by the departments of your district. YellowFolder consolidates documents from these systems, creating a district-wide, uniform file cabinet.

for you.
for you.

Improved Staff Productivity and Happiness

One thing is constant at all schools - staff members don't like filing and recordkeeping. And, it takes a lot of time. YellowFolder reduces the time spent on filing and searching for paperwork by 90%. YellowFolder leads to a happier, more productive staff. We make recordkeeping easier so that educators can spend more time educating.


Reduce time spent on filing and searching for paperwork by 90%

Protecting Records

The safety of storing financial and administrative records in the cloud

You are responsible for the financial records of the school system. YellowFolder takes this responsibility very seriously.

Learn more about our world class redundant and secure cloud storage system.

Saving Money

You are also responsible for using the school system's limited funds to provide the most good. Storing paper is very expensive. By switching to electronic storage, you will save significant monies currently spent on printing, file cabinets, and physical storage.YellowFolder also offers very transparent All-In-One Pricing so that you are never surprised with additional fees, etc.


Finally, YellowFolder works only with K-12 schools, and we are trustworthy with your most important records. We won't let you down or leave you exposed to second guessing by board members, or members of the community.


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